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Mission Statement

To develop a self-funding, economically viable, vertically integrated, invertebrate, and seaweed culture program for North Coast applications. This will be achieved by running a privately operated Marine Station to develop business plans based on research applied to local conditions. The Marine Station will provide all of the administration required without duplication including research, training, hatchery seed production, grow out, harvest, processing, and marketing.

Scotch Cap Hatchery Barge

Scotchcap Barge (30 m)

This 30-m steel barge will be used as a base of operations for the marine station and hatchery. It has three working levels totaling 900 square meters, which will support all of the reguirements of the Marine Sation and Hatchery. The hatchery will have capacity to produce up to 10,000,000 small seed (2 mm). The adjoining commercial upweller-nursery will have the capacity to grow these seed to a larger size (20 mm). Large open-sea pens for large-scale green-water and larval production will be added as required. The operation will be cost effective and capable of providing the diversified mix of seed that is most suitable for the North Coast.

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Contact information:
RAM Marine Station
PO Box 77, Port Edward, BC Canada
Telephone/Fax 1-250-628-3225
Cell 1-250-628-3225 email:
Allen Johnson: abalone55@hotmail.com

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