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Shrimp and Crabs

Though both shrimp and crabs are important as cultured species in other parts of the world, all of the locations where this has been successful have warm water. The species that live in this area typically take 4 or more years to mature during which time they would need to be fed. This time frame is probably too long for profitable culture. Breeding faster growing varieties may change the situation in the future, but cold water may always put this type of culture at a competitive disadvantage.

At the present time, the best prognosis for profitable culture would be short-term feed-lot operations of animals that were obtained from the commercial fishery. The increase in value of the cultured animals could come both by shifting the timing of marketing to when prices were the highest, and/or by increasing the size sufficiently so that small specimens could be marketed in a more desirable, larger size class.

For the purpose of supplying Section-35 production of Dungeness crabs, it may be practical to take a few fisheries deleveries during peak production periods and hold these in a culture facility. This would allow the community to draw small volumes of crabs on a continuous basis. The crabs could be feed the fouling organisms that are obtained from the hanging cultures.

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