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Equipment Highlights

Scotchcap Barge


The Scotch Cap Barge has three levels with approximately 300 square meters per level. The top level will house the hatchery which will be used for conditioning broodstock, spawning, larvae rearing. It will also have a sterile-area for the pure single-cell algal cultures that are required for the larvae. It will also be where seaweed spores are attached to ropes for growout. Larger scale-algal cultures for feeding will occur in a greenhouse on the upper deck or indoors under temperature control.

The main deck area has a wet floor area for growing larvae and small seed. The third level was previously used for freezer storage area and is well insulated. This will cost-effective temperature control for larval and algal cultures.

Fairwind Processing Ship

The Fairwind is a 150-foot (50 m) ex-fishing vessel which was most recently used as a seafood processing boat in Alaska. The vessel has potential to operate as a cost-effective, satellite Marine Station, sharing technical information and hatchery production.

Tressa Mae Fishing Boat

The Tressa May (36 feet) is equipped to transport live seed and product in addition to crews and equipment. It can transport 3 tons of live product in a seawater-filled hold.


The marine station has a number of skiffs of various sizes.

Aluminum work skiff 21 feet (7 m)
This aluminum skiff is 21 feet and is outfitted for pulling heavy loads.

Nursery - Commercial scale flupsy system

The nursery will grow small 2-mm seed up to about 20 mm in floating cultures with a production technique using upwelling flupsies. The nursery will be built with an existing steel frame and existing fiberglass floats. The frame measures 20 by 100 feet. Containers holding the seed seed will be serviced with an overhead crane, allowing large volumes to be handled.

Science and office equipment

The station has a research-grade microscope (40x-1000x magnification, dark field, phase contrast) and dissecting microscope (variable magnification from 8x-45x), and has specialized photographic equipment. It has general office equipment including 3 wireless, networked computers and 3 printers.

Culture cones for green water and larvae

cone bag installation

Installation of cone bag for culture of green water and larvae. These unique bags were designed by Madelon Mottet and tested in Alaska.

opened cone
Cone bag filled with seawater.

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