Madelon Mottet, Ph.D.

Alaska-Southeast Bio-Research and RAM Marine Station

333 9th Ave W Ave W, Prince Rupert, British Columbia V8J 2S6

Telephone: 1 250 624 2097

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My mission is to assist in the development of a north coast, community-based seaweed and invertebrate aquaculture program with a marine station that can provide local answers. This area can develop aquaculture projects similar to the village-based development model used in Japan where there is an abundance of local marine stations working on specific local aquaculture issues. My initial focus will be on clams, oysters, and seaweeds, with later plans for abalone, scallops, sea cucumbers, sea urchins etc. My long-term interest will be in developing local species because then, the natural spawn from the animals in culture can help rehabilitate the natural habitat.


I can carry out aquaculture procedures starting from microscopic eggs and growing algal foods in sterilized conditions. I can setup a cost-effective hatchery, nursery, and grow-out system for the species under development. Moreover, I understand techniques for potentially applying even more cost effective methods for collecting and protecting natural seed. I can also set up and run a commercial bivalve processing plant.



Doctor of Philosophy in Fisheries. 1988. School of Fisheries, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington. Research topic was on newly-set clams that were still in the microscopic stage.

Master of Science in Fisheries. 1974. School of Fisheries, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington.

One Year Graduate Study in Geology. 1969-1970. Department of Geology, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon.

Bachelor of Arts in Geology. 1969. Alaska Methodist University (now called Alaska Pacific University), Anchorage, Alaska.


Current: Part owner, developer, and biologist of the start-up company, RAM Marine Station in Prince Rupert.


2002 to Present. Owner of ALASKA-SOUTHEAST BIO-RESEARCH, Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada. Japanese-to-English biological translating and editing, shellfish aquaculture research and development, writing seafood HACCP plans.


2000-2002. Alaska Sea Farms, Inc. Owned and operated a small seafood processing plant and buying station in Sitka, Alaska (geoducks, salmon caviar, sea cucumbers, rockfish)  Researched: growing and spawning abalone. 


1997-2000. Owner, Sitka Sea Farm. Part owner, Alaska Sea Farm. Inc. Set up a mariculture farm and a shellfish processing plant in Sitka.  Reared and sold oysters and also shipped all the local geoducks production. Did experimental work with spawning littleneck clams, abalone, black (nori) seaweed and growing natural algal food in bags.  Collected and reared natural larvae of scallops, mussels, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, black seaweed, etc.


January 1990 - May 1994. ASSISTANT PROFESSOR, Aquaculture, Sheldon Jackson College, Sitka, Alaska. Taught bivalve hatchery techniques, mariculture (culture of shellfish and seaweeds), salmon culture, salmon diseases (microbiology and pathology), invertebrate zoology, biology, scientific photography, scientific computing, and technical and scientific writing.

June 1973 - January 1990. PARTNER IN JAPANESE SCIENTIFIC LIAISON, Friday Harbor, Washington. Searched the Japanese literature and wrote reviews on Japanese fisheries, aquaculture, mariculture, and reef building that were published by the Washington State Department of Fisheries. 

November 1979 - January 1980. JAPANESE TRANSLATOR. Worked on contract for Washington State Department of Fisheries, Salmon Enhancement Program, and Olympia, Washington.

August 1974 - November 1975. TECHNICAL WRITER AND JAPANESE TRANSLATOR IN JAPAN. Misaki, Kanagawa Prefecture. Researched and wrote reviews on sea urchins and sea cucumbers which were published by the Washington State Department of Fisheries.

June 1970 - August 1971. BIOLOGICAL RESEARCHER AND TRANSLATOR IN JAPAN. Tokai Regional Fisheries Research Laboratory, Arasaki Branch, Kanagawa Prefecture. Studied the Japanese language and collected information on octopus fishing (used in Washington State Department of Fisheries, Technical Report Number 16).

1972 - 1974. TEACHING ASSISTANT. University of Washington, Seattle. Taught labs on the anatomy of fish, crustaceans, and mollusks. Prepared over a 1000 anatomy photographs and wrote several chapters for a lab manual.

1969 - 1970. TEACHING ASSISTANT. University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon. Taught undergraduate geology and paleontology labs.

1967 - 1969. DRAFTSMAN. Placid Oil Company, 326 I Street, Anchorage, Alaska. Made ink drawings of maps.


  • Small business experience (set up and operated an aquaculture farm and an Alaskan DEC bivalve and fish processing plant. I am HACCP certified).
  • Japanese to English aquaculture translating. 
  • Computers (word processing, spreadsheets, telecommunications, photographic manipulations, web site design, translation tools)
  • Close-up photography 



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