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Sitka Sea Farm

Madelon Mottet on raft
Madelon Mottet on raft at Sitka Sea Farm.

Sitka Sea Farm was established in 1996 by Madelon Mottet and operated for a 6 year period with a focus on research and development of cold water species. The farm had permits to culture oysters, abalone, scallops,littleneck clams, geoducks, mussels, dentalia, sea urchins, sea cucumbers and nori seaweed. There are pilot projects on most of these species and a small commercial oyster growing operation. A small shellfish processing plant was part of the operation. The concept of developing a private marine station using ecconomies of scale has grown from this practical experience. >

work sheds and boats
Work sheds and work boats.

Sample clam larvae
Sampling clam larvae from cone bag.

D larvae littleneck 3 day 120 microns
Microscopic 3-day old D-stage littleneck clam larvae (0.12 mm in length) collected from cone bag after a spawn.

bundled oyster pipes
Pipes being bundled together using 3/4-inch rope for a spacer.

Setting tank with pipes
Oyster setting tank filled with bundles of oyster pipes and showing pipe used for heating water.

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